Effortless and chic outfits for the lazy girl

I am a person who is always running late for everything. Trust me!! I can never figure out which outfit to wear. I generally like to play mix and match with the tops and bottoms.

There are times when I play dress up with 5 to 6 outfits and irritate the hell out of my roommate asking for her opinion on every single one. Finally, I end up wearing something else.

Today, I have decided to post how to put together basics and create a chic look.

I have too many black outfits, said a girl never.

My wardrobe is black-dominated. Despite half of my clothes being black, I get tempted to buy black clothes when I go for shopping.  There are times when my mom used to say she will throw half of my black clothes out.  And I get really pissed off!


The first look is while I was going out with my flatmates for a girls’ night. This is a sporty look put together in my favorite color black. I paired up a black tee with a knee-cut black leggings. In order to make it less monotonous, I paired it up with a funky denim jacket and white sneakers and put on some red lipstick. Voila! I am ready for the night out. It took me just five minutes to get dressed up.


The second look is inspired by A-line skirts of Rachel from Friends TV series. I paired up a FabAlley black (again black, of course!) crop top with a maroon A-line skirt and black boots and a sling bag. To add a little bit funkiness and make a statement I have accessorized with a tribal silver necklace and a silver nose ring. You can wear this outfit for movies, a date, a night out or a picnic.


Where I bought them from?

For the sporty look,

Black Tee : Max fashion, India.

Denim Jacket: Max fashion, India.

Leggings: Casessories (Instagram).

Shoes: Flipkart

For the second look,

Crop Top: FabAlley from Myntra.

Skirt: Club factory.

Boots: I don’t even remember!!

Accessories: Commercial Street, Bangalore.

What do you think of these looks I have put together?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Alka upadhyay says:

    Again a superb blog


  2. Rishabh Gour says:

    Since it’s a girl thing I couldn’t relate to it much but appreciate the fact that you wrote another one. 🙂


    1. It means a lot that u have read the post even though it’s a girl thing.. 😇


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