Lost and Found

Lost in a bunch of people..
Searching for myself..
The wars fought between two voices..
You never know..
There was a serene hopeful version of me saying, “Go on.. you will find the real meaning of life..”
The other ugly bitchy version said, “There’s no point searching your soul. Too lost you are. You have reached a no point of return.”
Lost in selfishness.. Lost in ego.. Lost in confusion..
Running behind the so-called love.
Running behind the false hopes..
Running behind the pretentious masks people wear…
Who is to be blamed??
The people who wore the masks?? Or the person who believed in those masks??
Honestly, I was one among the millions who are stuck in this hopeless vicious circle of fake love. I wanted to be free..

Can we break the shackles binding us??
Can we find the lost hope??
Can we really smile with all our hearts?
“I am not ready to give up yet”, I used to tell myself daily..

I prayed to God, “Show me a sign. Give me a hope that everything is not lost.”
And one fine day, it was not a sign. It was a huge epiphany.
That was the moment I had a realization that nothing is worth self respect.
If we have to run behind things putting behind our true selves, what are we gaining?? True love? No..
We are losing ourselves in search of finding something else.
After a few reruns of this horrible chase behind false pretenses, there will be nothing left! Not even our true self.

“It’s not too late”, I say.
For me or for you -> The person who is reading this.
Nothing is worth you..
Don’t be a tiny water drop lost in a vast ocean of sadness…
Be the storm which drives away the negativity..
When a person gets hurt physically, the wounds heal but the scars remain. The scars tell a story. Same is the case with emotional hurt.
The wounds heal eventually with time.
All we need is time and patience to find ourselves.
But I warn you.. there remain the scars which taught us the lessons..
Scars are the beauty..
Be your own beautiful scarred self!!

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