When a fashion addict day dreams..

Ever wished for a magical pencil like the one in that children show ‘Shakalaka Boom Boom’ which can recreate everything you have drawn? Or a genie who would grant all your wishes?

Currently stuck in the horrible traffic of Bangalore and having to do nothing else except day-dreaming, I am kind of fantasizing.

Guess what I am fantasizing about!!

Dream boy?? Hell No!!

Fashion.. clothes.. and makeup… Oh! Yeah!!

So, here comes my absurd list of fantasies about fashion.

  1. Being able to afford all the clothes I want.
  2. Unlimited gift cards and unlimited discounts from all the online shopping sites.
  3. Buy half of Sephora (for all the guys who wonder what it is.. Just Google it!! It’s basically a heaven for makeup junkies).
  4. Not being broke at the end of the month.
  5. A tree that gives money endlessly.
  6. Or a credit card bill that gets paid on it’s own.
  7. Visiting Paris Fashion week.
  8. Being able to fit into clothes even after hogging food like a baby panda.
  9. Getting paid for shopping.
  10. Or better…getting paid for dressing up.
  11. A magical closet that can accommodate all the clothes that I buy but still doesn’t occupy half of the room space.
  12. Self-cleaning white sneakers, self-cleaning makeup brushes and sponges. Please! (Because I am that lazy).
  13. Being able to afford all the major latest season’s clothes.
  14. And after death, going to a heaven which just smells like ‘The Body Shop’ products. Oh my God! They smell delicious.

I know these wishes sound outrageous. But hello! Accept that you all had dreamed of these things at some point of time.

Anyway, with my experience of being a staunch shopaholic and fashion addict, to purchase more clothes, you need more money. You might be thinking, “Come on, Curlie haired girl! we know that!” What I want to say is, to fulfill your dreams, you need to work your ass off.  So, this week, I have owed to myself that I would work really hard to fulfill at least the few plausible dreams of my absurd day-dreaming list. It’s this huge circle of life.. Work your ass off -> earn money -> buy whatever hell you want to and live however you want to live -> stay fashionable. That’s all that matters!!

Isn’t it my fellow fashion addicts?

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  1. 925brands says:

    Keep sharing, stay motivated…

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