The Insomniac Diaries

As I stare out of the huge French windows beside me..
The city lights twinkle like the stars in the dark sky..
Ironically.. there are no stars today..
The sky looks like a huge black canvas with orange, red and white streaks scattered all over..
The thick clouds are drifting fast out there while the hands of the clock seem to be moving at an irritatingly lazy pace..
My thoughts seem to be running in circles too just like those hands of the clock..
As I listen to those melodies of the 90’s, nostalgia sweeps over my insomniac mind..
I wonder if that smile of yours has the same effect on all the girls you talk to.. or if it is just me..
Those never ending thoughts of you clouded my mind as the thick fog creeped upon the city stealthily..
As the midnight is slowly morphing into a dawn..
As I am lying on the bed in this eerie silence of the night…
My heart starts beating rather loudly as if it wants to fill up the damn silence of the night..
I asked my heart, “what do you want??”
I know what it wants with an alarming certainty..
All it wants is for you to be here wrapped around me like a warm blanket..
To chase away all the fears and doubts I have about us..
To put my insomniac mind at ease..
And to put this tired yearning heart to sleep..

PS: To all my friends who are going to bug me about this mysterious guy.. there is no one.. It’s just my imagination ๐Ÿ˜› Please don’t text me asking about him..!!!

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