Namma ooru Bengaluru

If you are following me in any of my social media accounts, you probably know that I love Bengaluru. In case you’re wondering what “Namma ooru Bengaluru” means, it means “Our city Bengaluru” (yes, people say that with pride). It’s been a year since I have come to Bengaluru. But Bengaluru felt more like a home when  compared to my home town. This place gave me a feeling that I belong here.
Think of it as my way of expressing my love towards this city, I want to share my experience of living in this amazing city with you people.
You ask any person who has been to Bengaluru what the best thing here is. I am sure more than 80% would answer that it’s the weather. The weather is so pleasant that I haven’t even realized the intensity of summer here. The monsoons in this place are poetically romantic.
Although single people crib about not having a company to keep in this sort of weather, I feel that there’s always a hot cup of chai to keep company in this weather. Isn’t the combo of chai and rain eternally classic? We get to experience that very very frequently.
One can find a pub in almost every 5 kilometer radius in Bengaluru. Places like MG road, Brigade road, Indiranagar are so lit in the night time. Also, the best thing about Bengaluru is everyone minds their own business. No judgmental stares. No swooping into other’s life.
How can I not talk about shopping being a self-proclaimed shopaholic? There are so many shopping malls for high-end shopping and commercial streets for budget shopping. What’s not to love? I am never a morning person. But standing in queue as early as 4 a.m. for H&M sale was another milestone I have crossed as a shopaholic here.
There are so many places in and around Bengaluru to explore. Road trips to the Rasta cafe, Nice road, Nandi hills are just awesome. The greenery around, the cool breeze and the occasional stops to have some chai. The journey is what makes it more awesome than the destination.
Bengaluru has something in store for everyone. You get to meet all sorts of people here – tech nerds, writers, artists, party animals, nature lovers.
Finding oneself and self-acceptance!
When I first came to this city, I thought I would just be one more person lost in this urban jungle. But Bengaluru made me a stronger person. It gave me the courage to stand up for myself.
It taught me how to enjoy moments of peace even when caught up in a hell of a storm.
 In a city like this, you have enough freedom to mess up things. Bengaluru taught me that it’s okay to mess up things as a human being. Honestly, if a person thinks he/she didn’t screw anything up, he/she is obviously lying. But there are also enough opportunities to get everything back on track and find oneself.  Bengaluru taught me to love myself the way I am, irrespective of the flaws. For example, as you all know, I spend too much money on clothes. But this is who I am. I realized that I should do something about this obsession about fashion and started blogging which gives me this sense of fulfillment.
A place becomes dearer to you only when there are people who matter. Although I made a few questionable decisions this year, I made some very good friends who are always there with me through thick and thin, who support me in doing what I love.
May be I would have found good friends if I had been somewhere else. May be I would have seen a good city. But Bengaluru is a complete package.
It accepts you as you are, unconditionally. It spoils you but also looks out for you.
It teaches you some valuable life lessons. I have never seen a city with so much life. I would say it’s not a place. It’s an emotion. That’s why I would proudly say,

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