Exploring the possibilities

I don’t know what you have in store for me..
But I am open to the possibilities..
I quit being scared..
I quit having doubts..
I am tired of not trying..
I gave up wondering about ‘may be’s and ‘what if’s
All I want is to explore the possibilities..
All these days I felt like a little girl lost in a carnival..
Hold my hand and
Take me on an exhilarating ride… Somewhere… Anywhere!!
Show me the sunshine..
Show me those stars..
Lie down with me in a meadow in the darkness..
I promise I won’t be scared of that darkness anymore..
Help me trace those invisible lines between the stars..
With our intertwined fingers..
I don’t want to be a coward…
I don’t want to run away from feelings..
I thought getting close to you is like playing with fire…
But I have realized its okay to light up a fire to be warm rather than being scared and sitting out alone in the cold!!
All I want is to explore
The possibilities!!

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