Cozy outfits for the chilly weather

Hi folks!!

It’s that time of the year when you want to snuggle under the comfort of your warm blankets. Or sit in the couch with a warm cup of coffee in hand. Personally, winter is my favorite season. Warm clothes, sweaters, coats, boots.. what’s not to love.. Winter boasts trendiness. Isn’t it?

I have put together a couple of cozy winter looks for this cold weather!

Layer it on!

Layers are sexy. Layers give that sophisticated feel to any outfit. The best part of dressing up in winter is wearing boots. Boots make a lot of difference to any outfit. They add a poised and polished vibe to any outfit.

Winter outfit ideas- trenchcoat

The one with the trenchcoat

This was my airport look while I was travelling, when I wanted something cozy as well as chic. I have paired up my camouflage pants with a crop top, a trenchcoat and ankle length boots.

Winter outfit ideas - cardigan

The one with the cardigan

Winter outfit ideas - knit kimono

I went on a trip to Himachal Pradesh recently. Yeah, the weather was too chilly there. I have worn a tank top and high waisted jeans with a thick knit cardigan. It was too comfortable and warm to wear. I loved the boots so much that I wore the same boots throughout the trip.

Tip: Please pack your thermals if you are going there.

Winter outfit ideas - sweater

The one with the sweater

Winter outfit ideas - off shoulder sweater

The third look is for the not-so-cold but still-gotta-feel warm weather. I paired a ripped jeans with an oblique shoulder sweater.

Shop the outfits here:

Trenchcoat: click here

Boots: click here

Crop top: click here

Cardigan: click here

Ripped jeans: click here

Sweater: click here

Happy shopping and happy sweater weather guys!!

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  1. Alka says:

    Superb โ€ฆโ€ฆ..


    1. Thanks Alka๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ


  2. Just the perfect blend of trend and comfort.. loved it..


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