The Broken Prince

Once upon a time there was a broken prince. He had gone through a lot of betrayals and fought a lot of battles. He claimed that the damage was irreparable and he wouldn’t allow anyone to come into his territory for the fear of hurt. He only had the company of a mystical drug which kept him intoxicated and numb all the time.

But amidst all of this, there was this, beautiful, weird girl who really believed in love. But she didn’t fall in love with the prince. She fell in love with the face-changing monster from the far-off world.

The face-changing monster claimed to be her knight in shining armour, took her to a far-off place which he claimed to be the heaven and left her alone there. Now that she is alone she could see the reality of the place. It was pitch dark and it engulfed her in the darkness. The monster and that mysterious place ruined her and left her as a shell of a person who she was.

The messed up girl met the broken prince while finding her way back into her world. The broken prince had something much more humane in him. He took her in his inner circle, showed her how the world is messed up, but also made her realise that she has to fight against all the darkness in this world. He taught her the tips and tricks to fight the darkness.

The messed up, scared girl and the broken prince became a team or may be best friends.

They shared the worst of their fears, darkest of the secrets and all their ugly experiences in the world. They became stronger as a team. The girl regained the courage that she could fight the world. And she owes it to the broken prince.

The broken prince claimed that he didn’t have a heart. But the girl knew that he had a heart larger and more humane than half of the so-called pure souls of the world.

The irony is the prince who was supposed to be a fellow traveller became her knight in shining armour. The monster who claimed to be the knight in shining armour proved to be a monster who he is.

One day, the girl went to the prince with a flower of love in her hand. She knew that the prince would crush it for the fear of hurt and heart break. Still she went on to offer the flower, the prince yelled at her and didn’t take the flower. He didn’t crush it too for he would break the girl again.

The scared prince just said, “I would want you to be my best friend, doing adventures with me, I would want us to chase the darkness away together, I would want us to be there for each other.”

The prince asked her to save the flower and take care of it for some worthy prince who really has his shit together rather than holding it out for a broken prince.

The girl knew, deep down inside that, even though the prince is broken, he is the one who saved her from the world and she wants to save him too.

She didn’t want to go to a far-off island with a worthy prince. She wanted to stay back with the broken prince and strive to build their happily ever after.

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