One Coat – Three looks

Hey fashion addicts!

How badly do we wish that money grows on trees so that we can shop without any reservations right? Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees and we need to compromise on the wish list in our online shopping carts or the clothes we see in the retail outlets. So, to work our eternal broke state to an advantage, why not style a single piece of clothing in three different ways and just have fun dressing up?

LBD with the longline coat

So, the first look is when I went out to a pub for a girls’ night out. I have paired my LBD (little black dress) with the green longline coat and the brown boots. The coat and the boats added this sophisticated touch to the LBD and it got me a lot of compliments.

Longline coat with distressed jeans and boots

The second look is more of a bold, grungy and badass look. So, I paired my favorite black crop top and distressed jeans with those brown boots again. Well, the boots go with everything and I just love them. You can see how we can change the look completely with the same pieces of clothing.

Well, if you are following my blog, you might have seen this look already. For all the newbies, this is the airport outfit I put together. While traveling, comfort is my main priority. So, I styled my camo pants with the same black crop top, boots and the coat I wore in the second look.

So, what do you think of them? And why don’t you go mix and match a couple of clothes?

You can shop for these outfits below.

Trenchcoat: click here

Boots: click here

Crop top: click here

Distressed denims : click here



4 Comments Add yours

  1. inchara yogesh says:

    Your sense of fashion is extraordinary!!
    And the way you do your mix and match is completely mind blowing !!


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