You barged into my life.. Without a warning..

You swept me away with your words and kindness..

You reached into the bottom of my heart and tugged every heart string..

I was scared.. I was not ready..”It’s never going to happen,” I reasoned with my heart..

But what did you do?

You swooped in whenever I was crying or shit scared..

You stood strong against all the odds..

You didn’t give up on me in the worst of my breakdowns..

There you were, standing as tall as a mountain infront of the tiny, little scared me..

I started feeling safe under your shadow..

I was no longer afraid of the demons in the dark.. I had you..

I was getting addicted to the idea of you around me..

I screw up, I run to you..

I am sad, I cry infront of you..

I am happy, I jump around you..

I somehow thought that I was enough for you too.. I thought I was strong enough to tackle your demons..

But I guess the demons in your head have a better hold on you than I do..

You started giving in..

You started breaking down..

Trust me, I want to stand beside you and fight your battles.. but you never let me get there..

Now I see you.. all broken and it hurts me too..

I couldn’t stand my mountain man crumble to a mere pile of dust..

You saw the tears stain my face..

You saw my eyes turn red..

You couldn’t digest the simple fact that you are human too and you need someone else’s support..

You pushed me away further and further.. for the fear of feeling vulnerable..

They say all kind of addictions are bad, but getting addicted to a person is the worst..

I was drunk on your warmth..

I was high on your happiness..

Now it feels like we have hit an all-time low together..

I am craving for that high again..

I am craving you again..

Let me in..

Let ‘us’ have that much needed chance..

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Loved loved loved the way this is written!!
    Please write more of this
    Didnt know you can write and most importantly convey so well


    1. Thanks maulika.. this means a lot.. I will surely write more of this ❤️❤️


  2. inchara yogesh says:

    It’s really beautiful and meaningful .
    Makes so much sense. I love the way you write .
    Please continue writing .
    Eagarly waiting for your next post .


    1. Thanks inchu❤️ this means a lot for me

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Abhishek Das says:

    Great way of penning down the reality that each one of us might have faced in relationship. Loved it.


    1. Thanks abhishek.. your feedback means a lot to me


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