The Gypsy Soul – Pt. 1

Didn’t we all want to wander and get lost at some point of time? We, the millennials or the Gen Z-ers as they call our generation, hate stagnation, normalcy or being stuck in a rut. No matter what life throws our way, be it an opportunity or a hardship, we tend to make the best of it. We are a generation of go-getters but, sadly, caught up in a very competitive world, which doesn’t allow us the time to breathe.

There comes a point for everyone where they just want to come out of the depths of this mundane life they are sinking in and breathe some fresh air. We realize that there is peace in wandering and exploring and that there is an unfamiliar rush in breaking the rules and being adventurous. To all the rule-breakers and wandering gypsy souls out there, this post is dedicated for you guys.

            Honestly, I think fashion plays a very important role in expressing what we are. Agreed? I am a self-confessed gypsy soul, myself. How do we express our most adventurous and rebellious selves in terms of fashion? Yeah, I am getting there!

bohemian accessories
Sorry for the image quality… I promise that I will upload better pics next time :p

We, often, take the most unconventional paths. We tend to make a statement. We love to make a difference. Our accessories and our personal style reflect the same. We love seeing colors in a world which says everything should be either black or white. So, I came up with this gypsy look of mine, in which I wore a colorful statement neck piece. Isn’t it lovely? As you can see, this little piece of accessory makes any simple outfit pop. I was wearing a very simple bandeau top. Look how much difference it made! Add a statement piece like this to your party look or while going out, you will surely be the center of attraction for the party.

bohemian accessories

To add a little bit of fun element and be our quirky selves, we can throw a stacked bracelet with beads and feathers like I did here, giving out the bohemian/hippie vibes. Feathers symbolize free-spiritedness, freedom and the urge to fly. How pretty is that?

tassel accessories or bohemian accessories

Two colorful accessories, one great look and a hell of a lot to convey about our free-spirited personality. Isn’t it perfect? Also, the icing on the cake is beads, feathers, tassels, seashells and all things colorful and quirky are on trend right now for Spring 2019! What other good excuse do you need to rock these colorful accessories, make a statement and show what you are to the world?

Where did I buy them?

Statement Neckpiece : some flea market – for 200 bucks

Bracelet : Chumbak : for 250 bucks 🙂

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Whoaa!! This is by far my most favorite blog of yours. The way you have written it is just amazing. I read it 3 times I loved it that much. I am gonna link this in my insta bio as well. This needs to reach as many people as possible. Lots and lots of love.


    1. Maulika, you are the most supportive blogger I have ever met.. love you loads❤️ I will come up with better content.. keep reading.. 🙈


  2. Manoj Gunda says:

    the opening paragraph about the millennials was really amazing!!!.
    blog was beautifully written and worth waiting….


    1. Thanks Manoj.. that means a lot for me.. keep reading.. will come up with better content 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Trans Fashion Collision says:

    Dangg girl glad you told me to keep reading! You’re so cute! Love the outfit. I need to get some more stuff to look good for my bf and this has already given inspiration


    1. Made my day.. thanks girl.. will keep uploading more interesting stuff😍


      1. Trans Fashion Collision says:



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