The Gypsy Soul – Pt.2

“There is nothing either good or bad, but the thinking makes it so,” said William Shakespeare. This quote makes me think so much. Isn’t it true? What you may perceive as a wrong thing may be the right thing to do from someone else’s point of view. Your heaven may be hell for someone. Your strengths may be someone else’s greatest fears. We, sometimes, tend to complain, how bad the situations are and how difficult the life is. But what you claim to be a difficult life, may be the life some others are dying to live. Life is beyond ‘good or bad’, ‘light or dark’, ‘heaven or hell.’ In fact, it is always a combination of two contrasting characteristics. You don’t realize what light is, until you see the darkness. Deep, isn’t it?

All the gypsy souls have the courage to move past this distorted reality of good or bad. We view the world as it is. We accept the things as they are. We make peace with the fate. We tend to embrace the darkness as much as we love to bask in light. We never hesitate to fight for what sets our soul on fire. We tend to be strong in the most difficult times. We try to smile in the most hurtful times. We try to move on past what pulls us down. We often take the most unconventional paths and walk fearlessly. This look I have created is all about being bold, fearless and strong-willed while being in peace with oneself and the surroundings. Simply put in words, it’s all about being a modern-day gypsy soul.

Bohemian accessories

I paired up a crop tank top with a corset skirt and a pair of black boots to create a fierce and a bit unconventional look. Along with the outfit, go the most important part – the accessories. I decided to go with an all-black statement necklace as well as a black suede bracelet (Ignore my hair-tie on the hand) to symbolize the ‘embracing the darkness’ part. How cool is this look? Why wait!? You too show your warrior spirit off and make a fashion statement with this bold, black accessorized look.

Bohemian accessories

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Absolutely loved the look. Bright colors have their own glory. Just loved the way you have started this blog. AGAIN. Such a wonderful post.


    1. Thank you.. keep reading❤


  2. inchara yogesh says:

    Awesome 🤩
    Love the outfit and the blog .


  3. Sudharshan says:

    I love the way you started the blog …every mind have two versions good and bad …we cannot say which version will come out at what time …many of us stuck at to judge good or bad ..exactly what u said is correct life is beyond that to experience


    1. I am glad you liked it.. keep reading.. better content will be coming soon


  4. Trans Fashion Collision says:

    Love this ❤


    1. I am glad you loved it.. keep reading 😍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Trans Fashion Collision says:

        Yas queen I will


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