Are we just friends?

One of my very close friends asked me to write something about the struggle someone faces when he or she falls in love with a friend. This is my teeny-tiny attempt to put those complex emotions into words. Read and let me know if you had any such experience in your life

I see you.. I smile..
You come to me.. I run to you..
You talk to me.. I stare at you..

Rather silently,
Very stealthily!

For the fear of you finding it out
And pushing me away..

We were just strangers..
Then we grew familiar..
Slowly but surely,
you became my habit..

Aren’t you my slow poison??
You are so damn addictive!!
Or are you my elixir??
That’s meant to heal my darkness..

Oh dear, I am aware!!
That we are just friends..
But this heart won’t listen!!

How much more can I hide?
Do I tell you?
Or keep these feelings as my only dirty secret?
Do I pluck my feelings before they bloom?
Do I ask my heart to submit to permanent silence?

Look into my eyes
And tell me whether 
I will get over you ever?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. inchara yogesh says:

    I have no words !!!
    It’s exquisite ❤️❤️


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