Can love be quantified?

When did we start quantifying a relationship??
Don’t tell me this all began after Chetan Bhagat wrote a novel with a fancy-ass title, “half girlfriend”
Love is not about finding the other half or the so-called better half..
Why do you want a better half as if u are less worthy..
And certainly you are not a half
You are a complete, whole person with all the gloriousness accompanied! ❤ Trust me!!
Can love be measured??
Kilograms or tonnes do not quantify how heavy the feelings are,
Square inches or square kilometres do not justify the area they occupy in that tiny little heart,
As I am trying to get my head around the question if love is being quantified and why people have so-called half and quarter boyfriends or girlfriends,
“How deep is your love?” Goes the deep house mix on YouTube,
Well, is it as deep as the ocean?? Or as vast as the universe?
I wondered, if there’s a measure! Or is it just a relative term!
When did love turn into a quantity?
Isn’t love supposed to be this strong, intangible emotion that tugs the heart strings until you feel breathless?
Isn’t love supposed to be all about wishing the best for the other person no matter how hard it is!?
Love is all about supporting each other through the independent journeys you lead,
Throughout your perfectly imperfect lives, laughing through the hard times and crying happy tears in joyful situations,
being weird in perfectly sane situations, being sensible and sane in the ultimately messed-up situations,
In simple words, love is not being half of something,
love is being two different whole people, just complimenting each other in a brilliant way like the rain and the coffee,
the mountains and the skies,
the moon and the waves!!

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  1. inchara yogesh says:

    It’s beautiful ✨


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