Mix and Match – Pt. 1

Well… well..
Its been a busy month all together!
Is it only me? Or did u also feel 2019 is moving damn fast!?

It feels like yesterday that it was summer and then monsoons greeted us bang on, mandating for warmer clothes and warmer shoes!!

Never one to seize an opportunity to dress up, I did the obvious. Dressed up, took 100s of pictures and here I come with yet another blog..

Someone asked me if I earn a lot of money because I seem to buy a hell lotta clothes. True, I used to be a self-confessed shopaholic, not anymore tho!! I don’t splurge too much!! I do have a strategy to buy clothes. I buy clothes which can be mixed and matched, which can be worn irrespective of the trends, basically timeless pieces which never go out of style.

I have created a few looks with a crop top and basic denim shorts, mixed and matched them with a set of jackets and footwear. I am pretty sure you will love them.

The boho look


For those warmer days, you can just throw this cute boho jacket with the crop top or a tank top and those pair of shorts. For footwear, I have opted for a pair of tan sandals. Pure boho chic feels right!? Accessories…. yes, a multi-layered chain!


The Denim on denim look

Who else is a fan of boots here? Well, join the club. I am a devoted fan of boots. They always say, right shoes can change the game. It’s certainly true. I have put on a funky denim jacket to go with the denim shorts. And to elevate the styling game, I wore thigh high boots. They are my new favorite. You may see me wearing them a lot now.

For the accessories, I have used the same multi-layered necklace. Also, I have put on those cute arrow detail stud earrings.

So, what do you think of these looks?

You can shop for the outfits and accessories here:

  1. The boho jacket : click here
  2. Halter neck crop top : click here
  3. Denim shorts : click here
  4. Tan heels : click here
  5. Denim jacket : click here
  6. Thigh high boots : click here
  7. Arrow detail earrings : click here
  8. Layered necklace : click here

By the way, there are two more looks I am gonna write about. So stay tuned for the part 2! Also check out my instagram account below for more outfit inspiration!

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