The moon of my sky

He is the moon of my sky,
I was the kid who weeped and pined over the moon helplessly,
I was the teenager who stared at the moon from the balcony of my bedroom wistfully,
As time passed, my fascination with him only grew exponentially,
Ultimately, I have decided it’s time
That I don the space suit and venture the moon,
The moon, far far away, didn’t seem so far anymore,
As I inched closer to the moon,
The kid in me squealed in disbelief, excitement or may be both,
The teenager in me was gaping at the moon with awe,
It seemed like he was right there all along, waiting for me to find him,
standing with open arms,
ready to pull me into a tight hug,
And just like that,
All those days of helpless longing,
All those nights of hopeful anticipation,
Seemed like a split-second of turmoil,
What I had in front of me is worth the wait,
I realized,
It’s about time for the much-awaited rendezvous with my beloved,
The only moon of my universe,
And the only love of my life!

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