Letters to Juliet

So, I have watched this movie called ‘Letters to Juliet’ (okay fine, re-watched for the umpteenth time). Before you wonder why this crazy woman is writing about this movie now, let me explain!

No, this is not the review of a movie which was released back in 2010. There’s something so touching about this movie I would really love to share with all of you.

The story goes like this …

In Italy, there’s a place called ‘Juliet’s Home.’ It’s quite literally the home of Juliet (Juliet from ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ There’s this strange, but pretty interesting thing that people who visit that place do there. They write letters to Juliet, confessing their love, dilemmas, fears, heartbreaks and what not! (mostly about love). Basically, Juliet is their ‘LOVE GURU / Relationship Counsellor / The best friend who listens to your relationship drama.’

There are these people – the ‘Secretaries of Juliet’ who literally reply to every single letter and send them back to whosoever wrote those letters. That’s when our lead finds a letter hidden in a secret space in a wall behind a tiny rock. This letter, dated almost five decades ago, was written by a rich, young lady named ‘Claire’ who fell for a boy named ‘Lorenzo’ who used to work in a vineyard. In short, Claire regrets not running away with Lorenzo because she was so young and so scared.

The lead, who’s an ardent believer in love, writes a letter to Claire comforting her how we all make mistakes when we are young and also mentions how love never dies. Claire, who got married to a rich guy from a royal family in London, now a widow, extremely moved by this letter, comes to Italy in search of the lady who wrote the letter.

Our lead gets a crazy idea to go in search of Lorenzo as Claire is still madly in love with him. There is little to negligible probability that they might find Lorenzo. It’s not easy to find an old flame, five decades later.

They devise a plan to search around the vineyard area of Lorenzo. There goes the hunt for our guy, Lorenzo. Think of the odds!! For all they know, he might be dead too. They knock every door of the house owned by an old guy named Lorenzo. As the list gets shorter and shorter, Claire’s disappointment keeps on building up. But she is hell bent on finding him. On the last day of the search, Claire wants to have a farewell drink at a random vineyard. She spots a person who looks exactly like young Lorenzo. They get to know that it’s Lorenzo’s grandson. Finally, after a lot of struggle and disappointment, they find the actual Lorenzo.

Lorenzo, a little wrinkled, but with the same old strong arms and crooked smile doesn’t take a minute to recognize Claire. (Swoons!!) Fortunately, Lorenzo is also widowed. (Although it’s kind of sick, I always felt relieved that Lorenzo is widowed. Guilty pleasure, I guess!) They both are still madly in love with each other. Five decades and a mad mad chase later, yeah, they finally get married in a beautiful outdoor vineyard setting, just like the wedding they had dreamt of, when they were young.

So, this is the story. Every single time I watch this movie, I go thinking…

Does love really grow old? Does love have an age? If it’s love, it never goes away. Love doesn’t fade. Love is like wine. It gets better as it grows old. Don’t you feel so?

Also, is there an age limit for love? Young or old, love is universal. What’s the difference between young and old? May be their skin is a little wrinkled, but their hearts aren’t. All those butterflies, heartbreaks, silly fights and sweet nothings are one and the same for all age groups.

After all, love is love. After all, love is what the universe runs on. Truth be told!! And love is the reason we all are still thriving in an age of left and right swipes and two day love stories.

Oh my God!! Are those happy tears in my eyes? Yes, I am not even embarrased to say that I am an old soul who believes in eternal love and wells up when two star-crossed lovers finally find their way against the odds.

To love!!❀

To fighting against the odds!!😍

To finding our own Claires and Lorenzos!!πŸ₯°

To not letting go and regretting later!!🀞

Okay, bye!! Let me know in the comments section about your own old flames and the love of your life. Waiting to read!!😍😍

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