Moving away from you was not what I wanted, But now I realize this is what I needed

On a beach,

With the waves crashing under our feet,

Us holding hands,

And staring at that sunset,

The waves oddly in sync with our heartbeats,

The ocean, a witness to our puppy love,

I was staring at you star-struck,

While your arms were around me…


I was building sand castles

Sitting right next to you,

I was dreaming about me and you,

And our happily ever after,

Living in a castle just like the one I have built right there…


Funny me, didn’t know back then,

That the waves would crash the sand castles I have built…


When people say,

“Nothing lasts forever,”

I have never really understood the depth of it,


I guess,

I was simply enchanted by your spell…

From the moment you walked in,

True, it felt magical,

But never knew, magic could backfire too,


We were running in circles,

Like mad, mad people,

Did we have a reason?

Or are we just two idiots?


A minute of happiness,

A moment of peace,

A tiny sliver of escape,

That’s what it was!


I was the cotton candy

To you, the clueless kid who got lost in a carnival,

You were lost in the chaos,

And I was your sweet pacifier…


One more bite,

You think,

But in seconds,

you seem to be reaching for more…


You were the quick fix of a drug

To me, the recovering addict, craving for it,

A little guilty and a little intoxicated,

I still reach for more of you…


A little more of you,

I say,

You give me a little more,

But then, I get greedy,

And ask for a little more,

You still give in,

Until I forget my existence,

Until I get lost in you…


A little more,

We lie to ourselves,

Until we are truly and utterly

Consumed by the need

For each other…


When would the kid realize he has to go find his home,

No matter how good the cotton candy is?

When does the addict realize that,

One day she had to take the call and quit cold-turkey?


We were lost in the cycle,

Playing the same old thing in loops,

Still not getting bored,

Like the insane people we were,

We never got tired of it…


May be,

We were each other’s slow poison,

Killing slowly,


It was a burning question if,

Love would be the death of US?

Or we would be the death of OUR LOVE?


That’s when I finally realized,

Moving away from you was not what I wanted,

Being the recurring addict, I was,

But this is what I needed,

No, this IS what both of us needed.


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