Why I had to take a break from Instagram?

I am an introvert,
Who has a very small circle of friends, nonetheless, they are the most trustworthy and loyal people, who stand up for me no matter what.
I am that person who prefers books and Netflix over going out to a pub on weekends.
I am that person who feels nervous to talk to strangers.
I am that person who blushes as a response to a compliment.
Completely clueless and awkward.

How hard it might be to put my head out of the tough tortoise-like introverted shell and take a peak outside? And further, dare myself to be a fashion blogger/ an influencer?

But what to do?
I love writing, blogging and dressing up. That’s when, one fine day, I realized that,

My love for blogging is much more precious than my fears and the huge walls of excuses I have built around myself.

That’s how I started blogging. Coming from a south Indian orthodox family, it was not easy for me to put myself out there. There were instances when my mom asked me to stop blogging for my “own good”. In her words, *air-quotes* it would be difficult to find a guy for me to get married.

I wanted to prove that I am not doing anything wrong. And isn’t there immense happiness in doing what we love?

Then why did I take a break?

Lately, there have been a few people who judged based on my social media. There are a few unsolicited labels I have been ‘awarded’ too. There are a few people who asked me out on dates. When did Instagram become an online dating app, anyway? These may seem like small issues. BUT, they are not. Trust me, I thought I won’t be affected by what other people think or perceive about me.

But, I am not a wonder woman and definitely, not invincible. No matter how much I try to ignore what other people think of me, it slowly has become something equivalent to a persistent thorn prick in my foot. I got agitated.

I know there are a lot of people who genuinely appreciate my work. But I needed a break to be stronger in order to deal with this sort of judgements and path-blocks in a better way.
And that’s why, I took a break from Instagram.

Before you pass judgments and lewd comments on someone else, just remember that they are human too and that they are fighting their own battles.

Since I took a break from IG for a few days, I have decided to tweak my feed a little going forward. I have decided to tell more stories and make my feed more interactive than before.

To all the people who have supported me and stood by me, I am forever grateful for you.


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