Nostalgia – How I met my college friends after four years

Blame my lazy bum for not moving an inch from my bed for the four years of gap to meet these crazy people back from our college..

Back in 2009, with a tear-stained face and a clueless mind, I set foot in this college which is a residential college.. Every student has to live in the hostel mandatorily.

Wondering if it was a curse, staying away from family for the rest of the six years (six year integrated course (Pre-university course + B.Tech)), we set foot into that ‘presumptive jail’, having no idea that these people who we meet are not going to be friends, but family!

Homesickness, being in a strict college, jumping over the walls because we don’t get outpasses to go out of that college, last day cramming sessions, ordering biryani every weekend as we are sick of that boring mess food, coming together for college strikes to fight against the most ridiculous college rules, and the college cricket championship called ‘department premier league’ cheering for our respective departments, the perpetual war between the civil department(God only knows why they felt like they rule the college)and other departments, having crushes on cute people, pulling each other’s legs for these crushes, oh we did it all! The usual college stuff! We didn’t realize when that jail turned into our home.. We hated vacations. We wanted to run back to OUR home to do the usual!

And these people who I met now are my family, living long distance. So yeah, I curse myself for my laziness for having not met them sooner.

After college, we planned for trips which never worked because everyone got busy. We thought we would meet for someone’s weddings, but again, I had my final exam in my masters, the first interview, then my weekend seemingly ‘busy’ schedule doing nothing..

Then one fine day, Mr.A posted in our Whatsapp group that he is giving a Christmas treat in Hyderabad where the majority of my friends live. I jokingly asked him, “What about me?” Then came the slew of messages how I have never even shown my face for 4 years. I wanted to go for the past four years.. then who stopped me from meeting these crazy friends of mine? Myself.

I wanted to change that. Of course it took a push (or rather a huge kick to my lazy bum) from my roommate to meet them. And as expected, I decided in the last minute.

When I called Mr.N and told him that I was coming, he was more than excited. Within an hour, everything was set for my trip to the nostalgic past!!

About this group,
Mr.P, the most sarcastic one of the group and happily married, who mercilessly makes fun of everyone. Mr.S, the seemingly ‘silent’ one (but not so silent, me (the usual weirdness accompanied) who gets roasted all the time, Mr.A, the most matured human being of the gang (even though others are not going to say that out loud), Mr. N, he is still the same, blurting out whatever comes to his mind, without a filter, and whatever pops out of his mouth has to be censored twice, if it were to be used in movies, Ms.D, the most hard-working one of the batch and totally sweet, loving girl, who sometimes, shuts her ears to screen the things that come out of our mouths and there’s Mr.Y(not in the picture), who wants to talk but we won’t let him because he’s the most dangerous (Lol, actually rather dirty-minded) in our batch.

A totally dysfunctional set of people we all are. God only knows how we all became a family.

Why this trip was much needed?

Other than diving into the silly stories of the past and relentlessly roasting each other for the past crushes (Oh God, trust me! There’s no end to it), I got to see how much we all have grown past that clueless teenager phase. We fell, we got hurt, had our own fair share of struggle since college, but there’s a beauty to watch everyone getting stronger and better day by day.

What did we do in the reunion?

No fancy stuff, no huge mess of dressing up, no great pictures other than a couple of goofy selfies. We had a lot of food.. of course, it’s Hyderabad – the land of mouthwatering food. PS : Blaming the delicious food for the pooch I have earned in two days!! Other than that, we went on a long ride, stopped at random places, ate street food and laughed our hearts out. We rode and rode all day until our behinds started aching, sitting for so long!

We drove all the way from Madhapur to Necklace road. Sitting at the waterfront, facing the huge lake called, ‘Hussainsagar’ and the statue of Gautam Buddha, the forever witness to the crazy drama going on in Hyderabad. As we sat down on the grass in those parks near Necklace road, my mind started racing and memories just started flashing. How quickly the time has passed! It feels like yesterday that we did all the mindless, stupid stuff back in those days. Have we adulted so fast that everything seems like a distant blur? Although those moments seem to be crystal clear.

May be that’s how adulting is. While we are dealing with it, it seems like climbing a mountain, tedious but a little exciting. But, once we reach the top of mountain and look back on it, we hardly remember the struggle and the rocky paths, we just watch the beauty down below and jump out of joy.

But the most notable point is, no matter how much we are adulting and try to behave like civilized human beings, when we meet our college friends, we are still the same crazy, lame-ass friends who make sick jokes and babble like there’s no end to it. May be we bring that out in each other.

I know y’all are thinking about your college friends while you are reading this. This short trip  for this reunion made me realize that no matter how busy we are in our lives after college, it’s so much fun to meet our old buddies and be those kids all over again. If you are a lazy person like me, just make up your mind and put that laziness aside, trust me, you are going to thank yourself ( and probably, thank me too) for going out there and meeting your people.

PS : there are a couple of other people, who were missing. Mrs.S and Mrs.S, the two official chatterboxes, who used to know every tiny piece of gossip in the college, Ms.S, who used to remember which option is the right one for MCQs, but used to forget what the actual answer is! And Ms.L who used to study until the last minute of the exam, the minute just before she used to step into the exam hall.

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  1. Ohh this makes me miss my hostel days like hell!! Surely it was a home away from home!!


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