The right time to fall in love is….

Is your inner voice already screaming at me?
“Girl, are you an idiot? There’s no right time to fall in love. You just.. fall! Oh, the freefall, the adrenaline rush, the butterflies and that high you get out of happiness!”

Wait a minute before you take a deep dive into the depths of love. Hats off to the committed people who ventured for that freefall.

If you are looking for a love that makes you feel complete, sorry to burst your bubble, this is not the right time to fall in love for you.
No person can complete you.
You gotta be whole by yourself.
If someone else has to complete you, God would have only made half of you.
Damn, you are not a broken piece of puzzle that needs to be fit by another piece.


Whoever makes you feel incomplete are those emotional leeches sucking your worth out. They are as useful as night vision goggles in the day time.

If you are thinking you need to find love because.. everyone around you is committed and you have this FOMO (ya.. that unbearable fear of missing out) looming over your head like a huge dark cloud, SORRY, Bruh, not the right time to fall in love.

Come on, all the single buddies, we are all guilty
of feeling this once or the other.

Whenever we have a house party, these love birds make the single life feel like a curse. God damn it, I can’t bear the unbearable stink of love in the air.

But the thing is.. if you love someone just because you need a partner, it is unfair for both the parties involved. The intentions are itself stupid and faulty here. It doesn’t do any good. Think about it.

If someone helps you in your darkest moments or probably someone handled you really well in your worst breakdowns, darling, you may feel they are the one. But darling, this life is not a fricking fairy tale to expect knights in shining armors or the badass princesses who save your helpless ass.

Since they helped you at your worst, first of all, Thank them. But…. but..
Don’t fall for them because they saved your sorry ass. Not the right time again.

We all tend to like the person who handles us at the worst of the situations. Is it a good enough reason to take a deep dive?

Ask yourself if the other person is perfect in all the ways? Don’t you think that person may have the worst breakdowns? Now ask yourself, will you handle their worst without thinking twice or without thinking it’s a favor. If your answer is No,  don’t even!!

Okay, now you may ask me, when the heck is the right time, girl?
1. When you feel whole and complete. When you know you are quite the package. When you feel that YOU ARE ENOUGH.
2. When you are happy being yourself, without the partner and the pampering package deal.
3. When you feel the spark and most importantly, you do things for them because you want to support them and not because of any dumb reasons like feeling indebted, forced or God knows what!

Who doesn’t need love?
But, we all deserve love that doesn’t come with terms and conditions.
Hoping for all of us that one day, we give and get the same old unconditional love we deserve.

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