Mix and Match – Pt. 1

True, I used to be a self-confessed shopaholic, not anymore tho!! I don’t splurge too much!! I do have a strategy to buy clothes. I buy clothes which can be mixed and matched, which can be worn irrespective of the trends, basically timeless pieces which never go out of style.

Ditching jeans – All you need to know about skirts to flaunt this summer

This summer, don’t you think we should ditch the plain old jeans and try out some easy breezy skirts? I know that you are having a lot of questions about styling skirts. What type of skirt to wear for my body type? What to pair it up with? For what occasion, which type of skirt? Worry not my friend, I am here with all the information you need about skirts.

The Gypsy Soul – Pt.2

We try to smile in the most hurtful times. We try to move on past what pulls us down. We often take the most unconventional paths and walk fearlessly. This look I have created is all about being bold, fearless and strong-willed while being in peace with oneself and the surroundings.

The Gypsy Soul – Pt. 1

Honestly, I think fashion plays a very important role in expressing what we are. We, often, take the most unconventional paths. We tend to make a statement. We love to make a difference. Our accessories and our personal style reflect the same.

One Coat – Three looks

Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees. So, to work our eternal broke state to an advantage, why not style a single piece of clothing in three different ways and just have fun dressing up?

Cozy outfits for the chilly weather

It’s that time of the year when we get bundled in sweaters, coats and boots. Winter is personally my favorite season as we can bring our layering game on. What are you waiting for? Layer it on!!

Pretty in Polka dots

Be it Marilyn Monroe in 50’s or Dimple Kapadia in 70’s or Kate Middleton in the 21st century, there’s no one who has donned this look and hasn’t looked bomb in it.

Don’t look ‘back’!!

I am very happy to say that ‘back’ is here to bring the glamour back. So, don’t look back anymore.