The Ghost of the past

Well, this particular snap was just this old photograph of a laptop with YouTube playing my favorite songs on the playlist that ‘HE’ had created very lovingly. There was a timestamp added to it, which read 2.52 a.m.

Who said breakups are bad?

Didn’t you get out of something so precious to you because you felt that somewhere it’s going wrong..

Letters to Juliet

Is there an age limit for love? Young or old, love is universal. What’s the difference between young and old? May be their skin is a little wrinkled, but their hearts aren’t.

The moon of my sky

He is the moon of my sky,
I was the kid who weeped and pined over the moon helplessly,
I was the teenager who stared at the moon from the balcony of my bedroom wistfully,
As time passed, my fascination with him only grew exponentially

Can love be quantified?

Can love be measured??
Kilograms or tonnes do not quantify how heavy the feelings are,
Square inches or square kilometres do not justify the area they occupy in that tiny little heart..

The whispers of night

When the moon goes down
I crave for you
Like a lone wolf
Pining over the full moon

Are we just friends?

I see you.. I smile..
You come to me.. I run to you..
You talk to me.. I stare at you..
Rather silently,
Very stealthily!


I was getting addicted to the idea of you around me..
I screw up, I run to you..
I am sad, I cry infront of you..
I am happy, I jump around you..

The Broken Prince

The broken prince claimed that he didn’t have a heart. But the girl knew that he had a heart larger and more humane than half of the so-called pure souls of the world.