Mix and Match – Pt. 1

True, I used to be a self-confessed shopaholic, not anymore tho!! I don’t splurge too much!! I do have a strategy to buy clothes. I buy clothes which can be mixed and matched, which can be worn irrespective of the trends, basically timeless pieces which never go out of style.

The Gypsy Soul – Pt.2

We try to smile in the most hurtful times. We try to move on past what pulls us down. We often take the most unconventional paths and walk fearlessly. This look I have created is all about being bold, fearless and strong-willed while being in peace with oneself and the surroundings.

Don’t look ‘back’!!

I am very happy to say that ‘back’ is here to bring the glamour back. So, don’t look back anymore.

When a fashion addict day dreams..

Ever wished for a magical pencil like the one in that children show ‘Shakalaka Boom Boom’ which can recreate everything you have drawn? Or a genie who would grant all your wishes?¬†

Effortless and chic outfits for the lazy girl

There are times when I play dress up with 5 to 6 outfits and irritate the hell out of my roommate asking for her opinion on every single one. Finally, I end up wearing something else.