The Side Effects of a Stereotypical Romance

“Those violent delights have violent ends,” Shakespeare said. “Stop romanticizing,” I kept repeating this like a bloody mantra. Sadly, my heart had different plans. Let’s blame the number of poems, novels, or movies of romance genre I have consumed so far. I should have treated him like an experiment. Sort of like, testing waters. You…

The Art of Taking It Slow

I choose to see the best in people, always. But what happens when you only see the best and ignore all the other parts? What if you are ignoring all the glaring red flags screaming at your face? I think I was colorblind to the red flags most of the time. 

Feet on the ground, Wind in my hair

All my life I have been running behind things which didn’t make any sense.. and in this quest of I don’t know what, I finally found freedom.

It Was Never a House, It’s a Home!

I came to this house on Oct 21, 2017. I was young and all naive. The first time I walked into the flat, it was a brand new one. All empty. And then, one after the other, people came and it became a full house of six people. Do you know how a full house…

Who Am I?

Society has these preconceived notions, doesn’t it? There are these pre-set, unspoken rules. In order to fit in, to belong, we pretend to be someone who we are not. We go back on the things we believe in. We erase the lines which we never wanted to cross in the first place. We keep over-extending ourselves. For whose benefit? What are you achieving? Validation? Approval? From who?

Life Over 25

There are a million times I have questioned myself if I am doing this adulting right!? If I am doing this life thing right!? When all your classmates are getting married and having kids, you are still figuring out who you are! Not a great feeling, isn’t it?

Finding Myself or Seeing Myself as a Whole?

Our society, especially the Indian society believes in loving only the parts that are right? Did we all not get punished for being bad? Were we not told that Santa wouldn’t bring gifts for the kids who are bad? Weren’t we all brain-washed saying that committing mistakes is bad.

Romance Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Rare

I mean, online dating sites are so similar to online shopping sites. We swipe right, swipe left, and then match with a handful and go out with one of the most attractive ones. Where’s the romance in ‘Netflix and Chill’?

The Ghost of the past

Well, this particular snap was just this old photograph of a laptop with YouTube playing my favorite songs on the playlist that ‘HE’ had created very lovingly. There was a timestamp added to it, which read 2.52 a.m.

The one way trip to the city of SELF DISCOVERY

Back in 2017, when I created my Instagram account, I was a newbie. I used to drop in the hashtags #selfdiscovery #selflove quite liberally. I didn’t quite understand the depth of the two words self love back then. I was this girl, who just knew she wanted to experience everything possible in her life. I…