The Ghost of the past

Well, this particular snap was just this old photograph of a laptop with YouTube playing my favorite songs on the playlist that ‘HE’ had created very lovingly. There was a timestamp added to it, which read 2.52 a.m.

The one way trip to the city of SELF DISCOVERY

Back in 2017, when I created my Instagram account, I was a newbie. I used to drop in the hashtags #selfdiscovery #selflove quite liberally. I didn’t quite understand the depth of the two words self love back then. I was this girl, who just knew she wanted to experience everything possible in her life. I…

The addiction of chasing the ‘highs’

There it is, again! The rush of doing things that feel insane. For me, traveling is the drug that gives me that instant dopamine hit. For some, it is, that ping of the phone when a loved one texts them, for some, it’s the mighty ‘greens’, for me, it is traveling – the big escape from the boring reality.

The right time to fall in love is….

Is your inner voice already screaming at me?“Girl, are you an idiot? There’s no right time to fall in love. You just.. fall! Oh, the freefall, the adrenaline rush, the butterflies and that high you get out of happiness!” Wait a minute before you take a deep dive into the depths of love. Hats off…

Who said breakups are bad?

Didn’t you get out of something so precious to you because you felt that somewhere it’s going wrong..

Nostalgia – How I met my college friends after four years

Wondering if it was a curse, staying away from family for the rest of the six years (six year integrated course (Pre-university course + B.Tech)), we set foot into that ‘presumptive jail’, having no idea that these people who we meet are not going to be friends, but family!

Why I had to take a break from Instagram?

I am an introvert, Who has a very small circle of friends, nonetheless, they are the most trustworthy and loyal people, who stand up for me no matter what. I am that person who prefers books and Netflix over going out to a pub on weekends. I am that person who feels nervous to talk…

Soul searching in Himachal

There are planned trips and there are trips that happen in the spur of the moment. Being the impulsive, little thing I am, my solo trip to Himachal was of the second type. It took me approximately ten minutes to decide that I should pack my bags and scoot to Himachal.